School Lunch Part II…

Dear WMTPS Community,


As I mentioned in a message yesterday, the Point of Sale (POS) lunch program at the elementary level has run into some glitches over the first few days of school. In an effort to solve these problems, the administrative team met this morning with a representative from Pomptonian Food Services. We have decided to take the following actions to help resolve these issues:

  • Our students will receive two paper copies of the Pomptonian Food Services keypad. This sheet will have your child’s cafeteria identification number. One of these copies will remain at school where they will practice during the day; the other copy will be sent home to facilitate them practicing when not in school.
  • Additional training will be set up for all elementary school kitchen/cafeteria workers who interface with the POS program.
  • Parents may load their account with money (cash or personal check) and students will use this as a debit for all cafeteria purchases (lunch, snack, etc.)
  • Later this fall, we will be operationalizing “Pay For It”. This software will enable parents to load their child’s cafeteria account via credit card.
  • We are enabling the “cafeteria module” on the Realtime Parent Portal. This portal will allow parents to utilize the food service item exceptions module and food service purchase history The food service item exception allows parents to select which items their child may/may not purchase (for example, snacks). The food service purchase history module will allow parents to check their child’s lunchroom transaction history. Moreover, parents will also have the opportunity to check their child’s cafeteria balance by logging in to the Parent Portal.
  • A dedicated email has been created to answer questions specific to our food service program.
  • Pomptonian Food Services will also be present at your child’s Back to School Night to answer any additional questions that you may have.




Alex Anemone, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools


Example – Keypad Practice Sheet





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