Awards, PSAT, Highlander Sports…

Dear West Milford School Community,


Congratulations to Stephanie Primavera, Principal of Apshawa School! In December, she was named a Distinguished Elementary Educator by the New Jersey Department of Education. This prestigious award is given out to a select few individuals in the entire State. The Board of Education will honor Mrs. Primavera at its January 29th meeting.


January is a busy month for our Highlanders. PSAT scores for students in grades 8, 9, 10, and 11 were recently received by our Department of School Guidance and Counseling and will be mailed home within the next week. In the coming weeks, our school counselors will conduct an in-class program for 8th and 11th grade students and provide an overview of the score reports. Providing all our students with access to the PSAT was a new program that began last year and we feel it is a positive step for preparing our students for college. New research indicates that students who take the PSAT/SAT more than once will realize higher scores on each successive attempt. In addition, students who retake their SATs are more likely to enroll in a highly competitive university, most likely because improved scores made them stronger applicants. Students in grades 9-11 may view their scores and search for colleges in their Naviance Account and College Board Account.


Lastly, we are pleased to announce that through state-of-the-art video cameras mounted recently in our gymnasium (at no cost to our taxpayers), Highlander fans can watch our indoor sports (wrestling and basketball) on their computer, on their smartphone, or on their smart TVs from the comfort of their home. Fans will have the ability to purchase either a day pass or a season pass. Both options include an easy-to-use video clipper so you can capture and share your favorite plays and highlights on social media, with family and friends, or with college recruiters. If you miss the game live, you can watch it later in the “replay” section of the website. We also plan on installing this same camera at McCormack Field in the summer of 2019. We are excited to bring live Highlander sports to the West Milford community. For more information, please click here: NJ High School Sports LIVE.




Alex Anemone, Ed.D.

Superintendent of Schools


One thought on “Awards, PSAT, Highlander Sports…”

  1. Thanks for the cameras. My Mom broke her leg and is now unable to get around without assistance. She is enjoying watching her granddaughter play basketball 🏀 and is a huge fan. This is a wonderful idea that hopefully other schools will also sign up for so she can watch away games as well she says.


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